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PharmCred, it all starts now.

It All Starts Now...

Why PharmCred?

Decades of experience to integrate the correct and compliant approach to help you understand the complicated and ever changing healthcare landscape. 

PharmCred, it all starts now.


Client Measured Analytics

  • Medication Therapy Management Strategies
  • Claims Platform Informatics
  • Traditional and Non-Traditional Pricing Models


Pharmacy Plan Development and Operations

  • Pharmacy Benefit Management Audits
  • Claims Adjudication Audits
  • Internal Department Validation


Compliant Provider Relations Development Strategies

  • Where to start
  • Who to talk to
  • What to say
  • How to build an opportunity
  • Where is your money going

Chain Pharmacy Third Party Management and Credentialling

  • Pharmacy Operations
  • Pharmacy Credentialing Requirments
  • Compliance Practices and Government Intervention



Pharmacies will succeed today if they collaborate with Third Party Administrators, Health Plans HMOs (Medical, Medicare and Medicaid), Employer Groups.  Government monitoring is increasing and will require robust credentialing and a clear auditing plan, including further ongoing investigations in terms of pharmacy business practices. A compliant pharmacy network development strategy is critical and documentation protocols, should be the highest importance with future government compliant intervention.

PharmCred can assist in developing an ongoing credentialing strategy that includes development protocols, validation requirements and ongoing tracking mechanisms to track pharmacy compliance measures.



Savings can be achieved based on collaboration tactics within all pharmacy business types: 

Disease Management

Flexible Benefit Administration Tactics

Benefit Operations

Payment Distribution Methods

Claims Platform Pricing hodsMet


Consultation Strategies

We do complete consultation services strategy to engage the product launch and is completed to you 100% satisfaction.

It All Starts Now


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